Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Sunrise to Sunset

I don't usually talk about my job on the blog, but what a day! Having been party to 3 redundancy initiatives in 4 years, this last one has taken it's toll on everyone. No one has come out of this without feeling battered and mentally bruised. So as happens many times, once the management team have done their stuff, who's next. Yesterday, our boss announced she was "being asked to leave" and so the future is not bright, nor is it orange.

I'm quite excited in a way as I'll be free to do whatever I want, but sad that it's an end of an era, both for me and dear old Auntie. It had to happen, television as we know it is a dying media; content provision, the internet, multimedia, and radio are all the future now. Many of the changes are vital to the survival of dear old Auntie.

So as this is the very last time the team will all be together, we de-camped to Rucolas in Bristol's "fashionable meeja" area of Clifton for a long reflective lunch, lasting from 1.00 until 4.30pm. This restaurant provided wondrous goodies of the Mediterranean region, so what did the boy Border have? ....... Sunrise Sunset : Grilled Lincolnshire Sausages, Back Bacon, Tomato, Potato Waffles, Two Fried Free Range Eggs, Toast, Butter + Preserves. A marvelous way to celebrate!!

So after lunch, drove down to Dorset, which was planned as Thelma has her bi-monthly oncology check up today. I needed fresh air, and to be a million miles from work. So Bulbarrow Hill it was after a cup of tea, and to take in a sunset.

Not much wildlife up here last night, nice Yellowhammer, above, a few Kestels, a Buzzard and other than Hirundines, that was about it. Lovely to be up there though. However driving home at 10pm. I said to Thelma, keep a look out for Little Owls on the top of posts.... 2 miles further on at Bagber a Little Owl (149). My first of the year and Thelma's first ever "oh aren't they small she said".

What a wonderful way to end a strange day. Puts it all into perspective!! And so to the sunsets!

What you looking at?

Took about 30 around this time, this just gives a flavour

Border Reiver is on the road to nowhere!!

And it's a full moon tomorrow!


  1. So sorry to hear about all the problems with work, gone are the days of lifelong employment in one place.
    That top picture is wonderful, may I use it as the background on my PC?( don't worry if you say no) Bulbarrow is a special place for us, my Father-in Law was born near there and his ashes were sprinkled there when he died a few years ago. He was brought up in Dewlish. Lovely sunset pictures too. BW Goosey

  2. Hello again, Border Reiver. I have been unable to blog recently as I have several elderly family members who are ill.

    I am sorry to hear about your redundancy. My elder son has had this happen to him four times since he started work ..and he's only 31. The first happened with Reuters. He was the first of 3000 to be made redundant when the new American boss came over and used a huge scythe instead of a new broom.

    Great photos of the area where you live. I particularly like the sunsets, though the yellowhammer is wonderful too. We have them in the nearby wood, and they are part of my summers :)

    I truly wish you the best of luck finding a new job. I always think we are going on a journey through life and maybe you are walking along a new horizon towards where you are meant to be. I do hope so :)

  3. Going through the same motions here.
    just waiting now to see who goes. It is a way of life in a production world.
    Things become slow, you have a meeting with the top boss.Who blames 24hr news, for the slow down (new angle) and tells of letters meetings to discuss your future and a time period.
    Bring back the old days where they would say, sorry i have to let you go, goodbye.

  4. Thanks Goosey, Wildlife Gardener and ST (good luck). Watching those at the Oncology Centre today while waiting for "management" to return always puts minor worries like a job into perspective. Health is what matters, nothing else.

    Goosey, of course you can. I'll send you the original (this one is sized for the Blog) if you drop me an e-mail.

  5. Me too...sorry to hear about the happenings at work.
    The picture of the sunset with the horse is fantastic. Kept coming back to look at it.

  6. Hi again Border, so glad my browsing led me here tonight -)

    Am I reading this correctly that you are still in part-time employment for the moment but talks are going on around you and you are in the awful place that everyone is a possible candidate for redundancy – your boss being the latest?

    Yep… my husband had that here a few years ago after 21 years. He had to go through the manager meetings discussing and ‘rating’ his troops while at he same time his bosses were doing the same with him. Telecoms were hit hard a few years ago. This was repeated every three months or so for eighteen months ending when he had an awful week of telling many people he knew well they were being made redundant which ended with his boss coming into the same meeting room to give the same spiel to him! Again it was the end of an era as he did enjoy that job :-)

    As you say it takes a hospital visit to put things in perspective for a little while at least.

    On a wildlife note I also saw a yellow hammer today at Loch of the Lowes. I was trying to catch glimpses of the red squirrel with my camera. However something else came to the squirrel feeder on the tree – a Jay! Not a usual visitor there. My video was already running and I caught it on film. I will post it soon. Just as Thelma was surprised at how small the owl was I was surprised at how big the Jay was! I had never seen one before either.

    I hope you don’t mind but I’d like to send my best wishes to ST here too. Work is going to be a difficult place for you both at the moment. Best wishes to you both :-)

  7. Hi Oldcrow. Thanks. Yes the horse was a fun part of the visit. Think he was bored so followed me around while I tried to take my photo's.

    Hi Shirl, Thanks too, and I'm sure ST will appreciate this too. I chose to work part time in March, partly as I knew this was coming, so time to plan ahead. As one door closes another opens.

    re your Jay, I do think they are one of the most spectacular birds in the UK, Bristol has many in the communal gardens. Often overlooked as they are shy, but wonderful.

  8. Sorry to hear about the redundancy but I hope lots of new doors open for you in the future.

  9. Thanks Mo.. As my grandmother said, as one door shuts, another slams closed behind you. She was a positive soul.

    No seriously, I always think these things come along and something positive happens.

  10. you have my sympathy. i've been interview twice in a year to keep my job. think I'm safe until 2010 which isn't that long come to think of it!

  11. Good luck Pete.. I just wonder what would happen if we all stood up and said "we're not going to do this any more or play these silly games". Would the World be a better place to work in?