Sunday, 15 December 2013

Photos Wexcombe Wiltshire 8th December

Low resolution images of dark and light test photos from last weekend

Photos Somerset Levels 30th November

Some of the images from the Somerset Levels at the end of November

Photos Avebury 23rd November

Recently I've been experimenting with light and dark photographs. The idea, the long term idea, is to perfect a style and then sell them at shows and fairs. Having posted some of these on some other social media sites, a few people (people not on those sites) have asked if they can also see them. So the simplest way is to post these on here in a low resolution format, then the link can be emailed around.
So the first posting is from Avebury in Wiltshire where a couple of weeks ago I went to take some silhouette images of the stones. Going there on that day gave me another idea, so I'll post the results of that in a future posting. Before that I'll post 2 more postings, one from the Somerset Levels and one from Wexcombe last weekend.

Saturday, 7 December 2013

I'm still here, just over there now.....

As I'm posting daily to my one off 365 day long blog, there's precious little time to write on here, which is a shame. So I think I'll add the odd more relevant posting from the other blog on here now and again, just to keep the old fingers going. I'll be back here in November 2014.

And so with muted fanfare and a damp sandwich, day 67 of my 365 day blog - driving in the dark (yes it really is that exciting folks)