Tuesday, 12 January 2010

I'll be back soon

To those of you who are still reading this very irregular blog, a warm Happy New Year to you all.

Well I've moved house at last and almost in a state of being able to stop unpacking boxes and relax with a blog entry or two. I moved on December 21st, I'd not recommend moving that close to Christmas, especially as the evening before it began snowing and well as we all know, the snow hasn't really ended yet, 3 weeks and counting. Quite strange moving to a new house and feeling like never had a chance to go outside yet.

I did manage to get out on Christmas Day joining friends on the Cotswold edge for a picnic in a gamekeepers hut... and it was snowing. An unusual Christmas for me but I loved it.... even had a festive fire!

And so to bed as a flock of cirl buntings beckon tomorrow in Devon, weather permitting ........ more soon, I promise!