Wednesday, 21 October 2015

October 13th - Project Month 10

Can it really be the tenth month of this project. Indeed it is. What is clear with this project is that as a learning curve it is excellent. As a finished product I'm uncertain.  But that is the fun of trying, without experimenting new ideas do not open up. That said I continue to enjoy this project, though sadly on October 3rd and 4th I had quite a hectic weekend. Time and the weather were against me somewhat, which meant that I only had an hour before sunset each day of the weekend, but I liked that, made for a fast hit and run photographic experience. Set fixed points and don't waver. Just November and December to go, then around Christmas I'll do a 12 days of Christmas - 12 photos of each image across the year each day.

And so to October............. in no specific order again!

Sand Bay on a very misty Saturday morning, the only image I took at that time.

The barn at sunset on the 4th

Can't really see much of the bridleway at sunset but I like that, its what it was like

Woodspring Priory on the 4th with sunlight clipping the tree

The maize field on the 3rd at sunset.

The village bathed in sunlight on the 3rd

The field less so

Around 7pm when this was taken on the 3rd, sun setting fast now

Almost too fast for Puxton Church

But that meant that for once the road was quite atmospheric.

Sheep still in the orchard

River Banwell quietly flowing

Thatchers cider trees ready for picking

Strawberry Line cycle-way deserted on a Saturday night

Friends over for lunch on Sunday 4th, and a charity dog we looked after, had to be removed from the following images

Life moves on slowly in the country

Sunday afternoon and the farm was deserted.

November 7th and 8th the next set, followed by the final set on December 5th and 6th