Sunday, 15 June 2008

2 Post Trailway Day

A man about to tackle the trailway......

Following on from Snowgoosey's report of the Barn Owl near the S&D Trailway;
Border and his latest squeeze, decided to go for a walk this morning and a bit of a recce. I've posted a walk along here before in March. However this is the first time we've walked from Sturminster Newton to Shillingstone, as this part was only opened up a few weeks ago. About 3 miles each way. Don't worry I'll not describe the walk, which I tend to find involves one foot in front of another, in a fairly regular forward motion. Maybe best just to let the photos do the talking of some highlights seen (as ever enlarge for a better view).

Left : Water Figwort, Right : Marsh Thistle

Left : Goatsbeard, Right : Comphrey

Male, left and female right Banded Damioselle

Left : Peacock larvae on nettle, and Right : "False Oil Beetle"
Oedemera nobilis (note the enlarged hind Femora, only found on males)

Left : Common Blue Damselfly and Right : the Hover-Fly Erisyrphus beleatus on Agrimony

Latest Squeeze

I have to say the 3 hours or so we took to walk the 6 miles was a great way to sharpen the appetite for luncheon. Most noticeable were that Chiffchaffs were still in good song, but there were very few butterflies around. I saw three during the whole walk, a very tatty Red Admiral, a Large White and a brown job. I also located the Barn Owl spot, so one evening in the not too distant future, I may be seen there. The one other notable was a female Yellowhammer carrying feed, followed by a singing Male further on which flew into a wheat field. Great summer birds.

So it's been a busy old weekend blogging wise, that's 1 posting yesterday and 2 today. I need a rest and a cup of tea. Mind you we did stop for a half a shandy at the Saxon Inn Child Oakford on the way back. Seemed churlish not to as we were passing.


  1. I have forgotton if I replied about where I saw the barn owl..in case I didn't it was halfway between the Shillingstone end and before the road to Hammoon goes across the trail. On the north side there were a couple of meadow fields and he was cruising round the hedgerows. Glad you did the S & D walk, it's a goodie BW Goosey

  2. Thanks Goosey. I think I found the spot yesterday, couple of good areas looked very suitable, didn't explore the footpaths leading over the meadows. Without your posting I'd not have known this new area. Regards BR

  3. Really interesting pictures. That Marsh Thistle is beautiful.

  4. Glad you liked this ecclectic mix Olcrow :-)