Wednesday, 30 September 2015

September 30th 2015 - Project Month 9

It's almost time to take month 10 images for October, yet I still haven't managed to put up the September images. There is a fairly good reason for this as I've been away on holiday for a lot of September, just returned now. More on that I'm sure in another posting. And so, onward with the September images.

But before then, an unrelated image. My year long project coincides with the village church's Saturday Sanctuary day. On the first Saturday of every month, between 10am and 12.30pm the church is open for silent contemplation, thought, to read, to write or just to sit and do nothing. No service, no lectures, just peace and quiet (tea and cakes available - always a bonus). And I love it.

This month my day of quiet was on Saturday 5th of September. Before heading off to take the photographs I popped in for an hour with a Richard Jefferies Book - "The Hills and the Vale".  I'd not read this book, but as a Trustee of the Richard Jefferies Museum, I am learning his craft from words on the page. Without thought I opened the book and it happened to be page 36. There at the top of the page.............

.......... In so busy a land as ours there is no place where the mind can, as it were, turn in upon itself so fully as in the silence and solitude of a village church"

Fate maybe? I read on in the silence of that church. Half a dozen other people were there, equally absorbed in this silence. Outside the jackdaws and rooks were noisily flying hither and yon. At some distance a lawn was being mown, the throb throb sound of a 4 stroke engine signifying toil in an audible way. Yet indoors as I read on, a calm silence prevailed as the sun streaked across the pews illuminating my read.  I shall be doing the same this Saturday.

The images......... (and this month in a random order)