Saturday, 5 September 2009

Durdle Door in Photographs

One of the things I'd like to do with my new blog is put on here some photographs I take as I wander about the country. I have quite a strange view of the world (or at least I keep being told this) consequently I'm always looking for the unusual or obscure. But sometimes I'm at a location which defies taking anything other than the standard scenic photo. Take for example yesterday, I spent 3 hours at Durdle Door, on the Jurassic Coast / World Heritage Coast and I have to say, it is almost impossible NOT to take the "classic" image of the arch, as the first photograph shows. A photograph which is almost exactly the image I painted for a friend of mine 2 years ago as a house warming present.

But as I say I have a view of the World which I'd like to share with the other bloggers out there, in the hope it brings a small bit of relief to this otherwise somber World. So the following photographs are my attempt, not to take the classic image of Durdle Door. Click to enlarge if you'd like a better look. Oh and before I forget, there was some wildlife yesterday afternoon, a Ringed Plover beetled along the strand line for 5 minutes, which was a nice diversion.


Faffing about with the depth of field

Nice seaweed

Not enough black and white photography around these days, I like this for it's lack of colour.

Photographing waves tests the patience of a saint

I was not alone on the beach..... Just being pretentious and arty here

More seaweed

More waves

More waves and an arch

More pebbles

Moody and dark

Jolly and bright

Could almost be black and white this one!

More waves!

sunlight reflections

There you are I told you it was almost impossible not to photograph the arch :-)


  1. What an impressive start here, Andrew! I just love all the moods and captures here... both colour and in B&W. Fantstic shots and painting too :-D

    Wishing you a great weekend out and about :-D

  2. I like the first seaweed one, with lots of foreground and the jolly and bright pebbley one (also lots of foreground). I'm a "lots of foreground" kinda gal!

  3. I see a gigantic seahorse grazing in the ocean in the long view shots and your painting. Very cool series.

  4. Thank you Shirl. Always a bit difficult to know what to put on the blog which will interest others.

    I'm glad you're a foreground kinda gal Jane :-)

    Hi Wilma, I'd not seen a seahorse myself but now you mention it, I can see where you're coming from.

  5. Firstly congrats on your new blog which promises to be as exciting, informative, evocative and entertaining as your previous two!

    I haven't seen Durdle Door since I was a child, so I've enjoyed seeing it again through your eyes and camera lens.

    I'm really looking forward to following you again in your new guise - nice one Andrew :)

  6. I love all your photos, each worthy of comment...the waves, the arch, the colour (or not), the pebbles, the seaweed...all captivating :)

    Did I miss the plover?

    Come and see my new butterfly videos...considering we've had two months of almost wall-to-wall rain, you will inderstand the patience and perseverance in managing to capture them on video between the monsoons :)


  7. Hi Tricia, thanks for the comment and so glad it helped you remember your childhood, did you get wet in the surf as well?? (I didn't meant to - oh dear?)

    Thanks Wildlife Gardner, I can understand your and everyone elses frustrations this year, not the best year for gardening

  8. oh yes, and PS: Wildlife Gardner - I did photograph the plover, so not sure why it wasn't included, as had a nice shot of it doing the classic broken wing stance as it passed

  9. Oh yes Andrew - very wet in the surf - we even had polystyrene surf boards! But more fun doing that then if you get wet unintentionally :)

  10. Monet eat your heart out---reminds me of Etretat on the Seine Maritime coast.

  11. Some wonderful shots Andrew - looks like you must have had fun there... hope you're getting the continued summer weather in the UK we're getting here -