Saturday, 24 September 2022

Covid Inactivity

His and Hers Lateral Flow Tests. A most positive experience!

I've once again not written on the blog for months. No excuses, simply these days I write a bound diary every day. By the time the pen has cooled from the excessive ramblings in ink, there seems little time to then move online. Which is a travesty (for me at least) as I've always loved the blog. However a week confined indoors has allowed time to reflect.

Having managed to avoid Covid for the entire Pandemic, even while being physically in the Bristol office throughout the various lockdowns, this week the little virus has got me. Actually it felled Julie first while watching Gardener's World last Friday (That programme has that effect on me anyway so I hadn't noticed at first). By Saturday Julie was bed ridden, emerging 48 hours later able to just about watch, propped up with custard and cake, the Queen's funeral this Monday. 

While I watched the hearse arrive at Windsor, I began shaking violently, not from the occasion, but the hammering C-19 was giving my immune system. Bed followed and like Julie 48 hours of bewilderment, emerging on Thursday battered and bruised but functioning. Three cheers for COVID vacation working as it should.

Currently in convalescence (although working from home) time is passing slowly, allowing space to read blogs I've followed for years, call out for Stewchat and Ragged Robin especially, but also an excellent posting about the lack of cress seeds for sandwiches by Midmarsh Jottings. It was lovely to catch up with old friends. I miss my blogging, can I? Will I have time? Let's see, I won't promise. Time to retire I think, though from people I know who have, they're really busy.

Meanwhile, Covid could have been caught anywhere but the smart money is on a trip to London we made to see the Queen's coffin on the move and tributes in Green Park. The trip wasn't quite as planned. We were prevented from entering the Mall and Green Park as they'd reached capacity. Who knew the Mall would close due to too many people?  Moral of the story being get to London earlier than we did. That said we had a fabulous day with the crowds and really interesting atmosphere. So many people, but so quiet. We joined the crowds at Hyde Park to watch it all on a big screen, and while not quite what was planned, very special to be part of it all, and to bring home a virus was a perfect end to our day trip.

Bomber Command memorial next to Green Park

Lunch break overlooking the Serpentine

Watching the Queen's coffin move to Westminster from Hyde Park

My view while I write this, convalescing.


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  1. Not sure if my first comment was sent Andrew so will re type.

    So sorry to hear you both caught covid - hope you are over the worst and recover soon.

    It must have been a moving experience in London actually seeing it all in person rather than just on tv.

    Thanks for your comment on my blog - it was lovely to hear from you again. I hope you can find time to blog from time to time as your posts have been missed. Take care.