Friday, 8 February 2008

World on the Move and it's Spring

I don't often put my art on the Blog, but hey, it's spring, so here's a Kingfisher I did in 2006, which I've been banned from selling, so it's now on the lounge wall.

What a fabulous morning here. Great to be alive.

Yesterdays Greylags flew over the house this time, so at the weekend I'm going to try and hunt down where they are roosting. Presumably at the coast, but where? Plenty of mud out on the Severn but the tides aren't right at the moment. I'm intrigued now.

First e-mail I opened was from a colleague who said skylarks are singing in the Estate she rides to work through; now that is the song of spring! A blackcap was once again singing in Clifton, along with a myriad of other bird song. What is it about a warm sunny morning in February which lifts everyone's hearts? I guess the promise of better days to come, and a bit of warmth on the skin. If the weather holds I'm going to go to the Exe and maybe catch the Avocets before they depart. I'll let you know if I'm successful.

Another thing I noticed today was a Heron being harried by a Herring Gull. I'd been idly watching the Heron flying alongside the M5, when all of a sudden the Herring Gull took off from the fields and the chase began. Sadly as I was driving couldn't watch more closely, but I was amazed at how agile a Heron can be when under attack. Not something I've witnessed before.

Finally next week sees the beginning of the new NHU Radio 4 series World on the Move. Try and catch this if you can, the first programme is on Tuesday 12th Feb at 9pm, presented by Brett Westwood and Phillippa Forrester.

Link to this here. http://www.bbc.co.uk/radio4/worldonthemove/

Have a good weekend wildlife watching, there's no better thing to do in the spring.


  1. Wonderful painting. Have you done more...you should. I've been known to mess around with the paint brushes myself but have never tried birds. Hmmm, might be interesting. I agree, nothing like hearing bird song in the spring. We are unfortunately a long way from that yet.

  2. Thank you for the comment. I have done a few more wildlife paintings, most though are general art (my other blog covers that but not updated as regularly). Watch this space, and for what it's worth, messing about is the best bit in art.

  3. Dean ( mostlymacro blog )8 February 2008 at 19:01

    I agree with what OC says about the painting. Nice one.

    Yep, Spring is in the air. Had my first Bumble and 7-spot ladybird of the year today.

  4. Thank you Dean for the comment. Appreciated, I'll post more soon. Spring is definitely on it's way.