Sunday, 3 February 2008

Stormy Stalbridge

What a difference a day makes. Yesterday was lovely, sun, if a bit cold. Today is stormy and well awful. Any wildlife with any sense, stayed indoors. However in the garden, pandemonium. Foolishly I put a mealworm fat block out on the bird table. This attracted every Starling from Dorset to visit, which were themselves eclipsed by 2 Rooks and a Jackdaw. The latter arrived, scared off the Starlings (who sat on the fence looking depressed), squabbled over and devoured the whole fat block in 2 minutes flat and left. Marvelous entertainment, but not quite what I had in mind of course for the Robin and Tit's.

Later in the afternoon, to walk off an excess of Sunday Roast, pancakes to follow, and err fizz d' grape (well it's so drinkable) we went for a walk around the lanes. Given the gale and so dark even at 3, not really much to report except a male Stonechat, first I've seen in this area. Thelma seemed to enjoy the walk mind you, or is it the drink !!
Just updated Year List, now at 84, with Raven and Lsr BB Gull. Would be nice to top out at 100 before end Feb. However as my request to work 4dpw from March so I can do 1dpw, and return to hands on conservation has been accepted, much more time in the spring for birding. Quite nice being semi retired at 43, ha ha.