Friday, 8 February 2008

Springing into Action

Well, after a winter of wildlife watching on my other blog, and a favourable comment, I thought I'd write a new piece for this blog, after 2 months of nothing. So Just to kick it off, I'm posting a few paintings I have competed in the last few years. All of these have been sold, or were commissions/gifted. But comments are welcome.

2008 paintings to follow - once I've done them !!

Bamburgh from Ross Sands (2005 Acrylic)

Barn Owl (2006 Acrylic)

Durdle Door (2007 Acrylic)

The Sage (2005 Acrylic Gifted)

Simonsides (2006 Acrylic)
Yellow Hue (2007 Watercolour)
Sailing into Lyme Bay (2005 Acrylic)
Detail from "Moth" First painting I ever sold in 2006 (Charcoal)

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