Friday, 29 February 2008

Sandpipers - the 29th

I didn't think I'd have time to write anything for a week, but this morning after a tip off about a good number of Water Pipit's at Chew Valley Lake, which I failed to find, yet another (same?) Green Sandpiper, plus 2 very obliging Common Sandpipers, (103) my first spring migrants. Chew has also had a few Sand Martins reported already. And of course as this posting is on the 29th February, it'll be 4 years before I do it again.

Until March then, I'll leave you with a Barn Owl, which we used to demonstrate filming techniques to the public at the Bristol Festival of Nature last year...............


  1. Fabulous barn owl - we have a number of owls resident in our woodland and one that occasionally frequents our barn! Last time I was in Bristol I was at Chew Valley Lake - great place and particularly early for Sand Martins! There's apparently been sightings of Swallows on the Eastern side of Brittany already!

    Thought you'd like to know that Mr Brambling was back at the bird table yesterday!

    Another quick question - with working for the BBC Wildlife - you don't know someone called Kevin Flay who's been involved in filming quite a number of great wildlife programmes? There are probably loads of people working there but just wondered!

    Bon weekend Miranda

  2. Good to know the Brambling has returned. I was worried

    I know of and have met Kevin Flay. Working in the management area we get to know most people, though don't get to work with the freelancers who come here to work in the field. A good cameraman.