Thursday, 14 February 2008

Sandy the Tawny Owl

As a postscript to my blog on Monday, re the Tawny Owl Rescue at Sand Bay, well blow me down with a copy of the Northumberland Gazette, the story has only gone National!!

It was featured on last night's ITV News at Ten, as Trevor McDonald's "and finally" item. Good news the Owl has made a full recovery and was released back into the area, complete with film crew. I'll not comment on the fact I rang the story into colleages at the BBC Bristol newsroom on Saturday and it never made the screens.

And Finally :-) if any of you are going to Alnwick Playhouse this Saturday to watch the Swing Factor Final being held there, please vote for my friend Sarah.....


  1. indeed yes, good to have a good outcome

  2. Hi again :-)

    I would love to go to go to Alnwick Playhouse this weekend but alas... What a fantastic garden/place/visit that is. I hope your friend does well :-D

    I look forward to following your stories now too - I enjoyed hearing about the owl! What a small world we live in! On that subject: 'Hi again, OC' :-D

    Good wishes for 2008 for you both :-D