Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Watercolour and Pencil/Charcoal

Following on from my previous post this week (See below post), I thought I'd add a few more paintings, for viewing. The following are a selection of watercolours, pencil and charcoal I've completed over the last 2 years. Interested in any of these, any comments, or anything really, I'd be pleased to know. Brief details of each painting underneath image.

Sunlight, watercolour on paper 2007

Moon Hare, Charcoal 2006 Sold

Orange Hue, Watercolour 2006

Moth # 2 to replace the one I sold in 2006. Charcoal 2007

Struggled with this one, commission for a Christmas present 2006. Never met the dog (in France) so pencil drawing based on 2 photos. Just about got there.

Purple Mist, watercolour 2007: Sold

Lane, Watercolour, 2007

Sepia Mist, Watercolour, 2007

Henge, Pencil, 2007

Eggardon Hill, Charcoal, 2005


  1. Your artwork is beautiful! I especially like 'Sunlight' because of the light sparkling on the water. I like all your work on here .. but my next favourite is the Barn Owl painting. Beautiful ... keep posting! Cindy

  2. Hi
    I like your charcoal paintings, and the one of olfac (the dog in France)is very good, and it looks alot like him. Do you reckon you could do one of hazel if i gave you some pictures?

  3. Hi Cindy, thanks for the vote of confidence. Always good to know which painting people like. One never knows until it's opened up to the public.

    Hi Hayley-May - I'll give it a go, if you can get me some nice clear close ups, in various poses.

  4. My dear man, I've gotten quite excited by looking at your paintings and charcoals. They're wonderful!

  5. Just rumaging around, thought i would comment on your art work.
    Pleased i had a rummage , the charcoals are excellent, but i also like the coloured work.
    favourite so far.
    The moth2

  6. I am just beginning to look around your blogs. I'm glad you came across mine.
    The Moom Hare is expecially nice.

    I'll be looking around your other blogs too.
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. Hi OC, ST and Becky. Apologies I thought I'd replied to your comments, they're appreciated. I must do more charcoal/pencil.

    Becky, you possibly know this but your link doesn't send me to your blog. Glad you like the hare, thank you.