Sunday, 3 February 2008

Quiet day at Wick St Lawrence

As it was Six Nations weekend, I was "asked" to stay at home to watch England. So I did.

So a nice quiet Saturday, giving me an opportunity to replace the battered bird table in the garden. The original one, the size of an undernourished postage stamp, had been a free gift when I joined the RSPB many years ago.

Trip to the local hardware store and 1 hour later, this appeared in the back garden. I was pleased to see that 15 mins later a Robin was investigating it and a few minutes later 2 greenfinch were on the feeder. Both were coming into their breeding colours, stunning in the sun.

Later on while having some soup for lunch, I noticed the garden was a hive of activity, at one point counted @ 30 different birds in the garden, mainly Starling, House Sparrow and Goldfinch, but also Robin, Wren, Great Tit, Greenfinch, single Rook on the shed, Dunnock and Blackbird. Jackdaws flew low over, as did a smattering of Herring Gull.

And of course the Collard Doves. Found a second egg in the garden, so they must have laid 2. But by the looks of it they're planning more. Spring is in the air !!

Before the match, an hour at Sand Bay didn't reveal anything new, though a group of 60 or so Oystercatchers were the largest number for a while. Chatted to a woman who grew up here, she said Flamingoes were once seen here, escapees from Slimbridge and bird numbers used to be huge in the 1950's and 60's with the area being used by wildfowlers. She also said there is an intact WW2 bomber in the mud just off the point, crew still inside, as Sand Bay was used as a WW2 bombing practice bay. Apparently the mud is littered with live ammunition. I'll stay on the beach I think.

Finally noticed as I drove to Dorset this morning, 3 dead badgers on the roadside. They're becoming active then.

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