Friday, 6 February 2009

The warm South West

The weather forecast said last night we'd not have any fresh snow here; the band of snow, sleet and rain would be well east of Somerset. Well the little fibbers!

I awoke this morning to more snow. And news that the M5 was closed between Junction 15 and 30. At 7.30 a blizzard kicked off, absolute whiteout out here at 8am, and so old Quicksilver has another enforced day at home. Logged onto work, and most of my colleagues aren't in work either, Whiteladies Road outside the BBC has been closed by the police because cars are sliding backwards down a hill, and well it seems like complete madness. So I'm staying put.

Sitting in this chair...... can you believe how chaotic this office has become. Paintings, bits of paper, books piled everywhere. So today I may don my pinny and marigolds and sort out the mess in here. And yes the eagle eyed ones of you will notice that's a stuffed Sparrowhawk on the book case. Flew into a glass porch in 1990 in Seaham, County Durham. It was then brought to me wrapped in newspaper to see if there was anything I could do with it. I pointed out it was dead, I feel a rendition of the dead parrot sketch coming on.... she'd ceased to be, fallen off this mortal coil, she's flipping snuffed it.........so had it stuffed.

And I will leave you with a video of the snow falling in the back garden at 8.30am, complete with House Sparrow calls. Must put some food out. Keep safe, keep warm and go and play in the snow.

Postscript - Just taken this photo at 4pm outside. The rejuvenation and optimism of nature. May be snowy, it may be cold, but the crocus's are still coming through.


  1. How marvellous to hear the chirping Sparrow in your "snow" video Andrew. Seems as though you've now got what we had - enjoy!!

    I've got a desk and area just like yours - so if you've still got your marigolds on.......

  2. Oops meant to say the crocuses are a sight to behold.

  3. the promised snow failed to arrive here. i poked my nose out of the window and nothing. so not fair

  4. Hi Trish, yep, I may love snow but it gladdens the heart to know spring is knocking at the door.

    Have you got the snow yet Pete?

  5. Nice video of the snow. How lovely to have crocus's coming up. It will be a while before we see that.

  6. That spuggyhawk is positively living Andrew :))

  7. Amazing how nature just carries on, regardless. I've the feeling that, back in the 50/60 in Holland, bulbs would do better when we've had a layer of snow.
    And, like Tricia has noticed too, I loved hearing your little Sparrow!

    Here the sky was blue and the ground dry. (ish)

    Mind you, we seem to be getting the brunt of it tomorrow.

    Your desk area looks very tidy compared with the 'office' of Francis, lol.

  8. Hi Oldcrow, yes I guess Newfoundland is a bit colder than here. My cousin in Ontario said it was minus 27 last week, not including windchill... that's cold.

    Stewart, yes it's stating to show it's age, having a broken neck didn't help it's poise!!

    Yoke, hope you managed to miss most of the snow, even if it is a good insulator