Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Neige.... the day after the night before

Well it is the morning after the night before, and boy it didn't half throw it down last night. In the back garden it was 3.5 inches, which isn't a lot really, but for someone living near the sea, and only 10 feet above sea level, that's a lot. Usually we only get a few whiffs and waffles, then it melts. So up with the lark, I headed out before dawn to capture the beauty of it all before it all melted. And sadly, although the roads were okayish, I couldn't get out onto the M5 this morning for the grid locked traffic, so after 2 failed attempts to get into work, booked an enforced annual leave day. So that's why you get the following photo blog in the morning. I should be at work.

I'll let the photos do the talking !!

The opening photo is of the estate I live in and taken coming back after my walk, just liked it that's all. This is one of the farms near where I live.

Road down to Ebdon Bow farm and the River Banwell

The River Banwell... get Little Grebe, Kingfishers and Grey Heron here.

Ebdon Bow farm

Wick st Lawrence's very own post box

Arty shot of old apple trees and Ebdon Bow farm

Just because I like trees......

I was even up before farmer Meade

Snowy landscape towards the old village of Wick st Lawrence

.... and of course when trees die, they still have uses. Especially in this weather.

Far too arty a shot to be in a wildlife blog !

Sun was coming up now on the way home.

More pretentious arty stuff... above and below, I nearly used the bottom one as the opening photo on "my post".... get it, post, blog post, no, oh well never mind !

And yes this is a wildlife blog, so back in the garden an very active Blackcap was feeding on the Witch Hazel, and as I walked into the house, these Canada Geese shot over the roof. Just managed to get a shot before they were off.

A perfect end to an absolutely fabulous morning in the snow... me, a big kid, yep you got it !!


  1. excellent post andrew, made good use of the day.

  2. Wonderful photos. The "arty" ones are especially nice.

  3. Andrew. Re - the Jackdaw on my blog. Some of the feathers are pale on a lot of the jackdaws round here, maybe it's the chinese takeaway food they get fed on in my garden! I also have a great tit with a white tail that looks like a Bullfinch/Brambling as it flies off!

  4. love the geese photo! nothing wrong with being a big kid either!
    Leanne x

  5. Very interesting Warren, is it because they've been to the Chinese Laundry instead?

    I quite agree Leanne

  6. Lovely posting and photos Andrew - I think the snow is one those things that brings out the "child" in all of us... I absoultely love it... the days when I spent about 2 yrs working in an outdoor centre up in the Highlands brought the best snow - I'd go off on long walks up into the hills - totally great - the best bit was rescuing the sheep out of the snow drifts or the ones that had got stuck on their backs... a satisfying task when you realise you've saved a life! We've only had a smuttering of snow here so far - still hoping for more... perhaps you could send some over :-)

  7. Great pictures Andrew and well done for getting up so early.

    The snow's off the trees up my way now so it's lost its photogenic quality.

  8. Glad you liked the photos Oldcrow. Had some Canadian snaps yesterday, 20 feet of snow in Ottowa!!

    That brings back memories Miranda, sheep do have an ability to find the most difficult areas of the land to roll over and die in... not one of life's cleverest animals.

    Tricia hope you're back to normal now, as I write this at 5am on 5th, we've had another inch or so overnight, strange as the first lot had all gone by mid afternoon yesterday

  9. Hi Andrew,

    I loved this posting. The snow makes such good photos. I also liked the Blackcap shot. We have had loads of snow too, and my school has been closed 2 days this week already, with tomorrow looking like it will be the third.

    I have not got many snow shots yet, but with more snow forcast on Monday, I will probably get out there then.

  10. That's the good thing about snow, Joe, you can have days off. Hope you get some cracking photos.