Wednesday, 11 February 2009

A couple of mugs

What with one thing and another I've not had much time this last few days to do anything wildlife wise. Plus down here it's still throwing wintry weather our way. Heavy frost this morning and yesterday everything from rain, to sleet to snow. I was up in Marylebone High Street in the fair Capital City of ours, for an HR for non HR Managers course yesterday. Very good it was too, though a 6am train and a 8pm return to the house was a long day.

But I did spot some wildlife in the High Street... a Jay and a Kingfisher (one of 13 designs). Opposite the BBC's training centre is the wonderful Emma Bridgewater shop, so at lunchtime after a purchase of a tasty morsel or two in Waitrose, a perusal around her shop meant I HAD to bring these two birds back to the West Country.

The assistant (spotting the slightly musty aroma of my shooting jacket, looking out of place in fashionable West London) asked was I up for the day. There followed a long conversation over wildlife related subjects and she informed me with a look in her eye she'd never seen a kingfisher in the wild. I'm losing my touch, I was tempted to offer her my BBC business card (a sure winner with the ladies) an invite her to pop west one weekend for a day on the river. The fool that I am, I resisted, turned and left the shop.

She was about half my age, and I remembered I'm not a young'un anymore. Worra mug men are with the fairer sex as we get older!!


  1. i am reminded of a colleague.

    a lady some twenty years his junior was asking all sorts of questions.

    The thought that she might be interested went through his mind. He started to puff himself up and then she spoke the immortal line.

    you'd be great for my mum.

    The office went into howls of laughter

  2. I've been on the other side,Andrew; always had a thing for older men, in my wilder days! :)

    Like the mugs. The tea will taste extra nice and seeing the Kingfisher will wake you up in a pleasant manner.

  3. Ahhahh Yoke, our past always coms ou on the blog... there's no hiding