Monday, 2 February 2009


Well the snow has finally hit the South West.

Not much during the day (the photo above was sent to me from Dorset this afternoon) but after I got home it began.

At 6.30, it was beginning to come down properly in the back garden

And just 10 minutes ago at 8.30, it was coming down "Proper Job" as we say here in Somerset. This is the heaviest snowfall here for years. The above photo is up the Cul de Sac, using the flash, the following 2 are the same view but faffing about with the manual shutter speeds, and the flash switched off.

I love snow and so will set the alarm tonight to get out early into the village and see what's snowy landscapes are there for me to photograph.


  1. 4" or so up here in the Caundles - it looks really spectacular. One of the heaviest falls since I've been in Dorset (22 years now). Off out with teh camera soon, it's just started again, although the sun is out too.



  2. Nice pictures in the light of the street lamps. It's thawing fast here now although we have had a respectable amount.

  3. Ahhahh MrsL we're getting nowt but soft these days, back in my day, this wudda've bin nowt butta spring day, may have worn a muffler, but no cap until it got very bad.

    Melting rapidly here too Goosey :-(