Thursday, 1 May 2008


It's hard to say what inspires me to paint. Or why. All of my paintings are completely unplanned and occur out of my mind.... as someone once said to me, no pencils were harmed in the creation of this artwork, as I never ever draw out a painting. If I need direction I just use the brush.

Last week I was watching this Mallard duckling in a chalk stream and just loved the colours and the movement of the water. Replicating this without it becoming a photo-painting, or something lacking movement is always a risk.

One of my favourite ways of painting with acrylics is using a rubber roller, as it produces absolutely stunning marbling effects close up, and texture. The paint is literally squirted onto the paper or canvas and then more is added depending on what I'm trying to adjust to get the tone and feel of the painting right. It's a bit of a delicate procedure as it has to be fast, but because the paint is being mixed on the paper, knowing when to stop before it all becomes muddy brown is the trick.

And so here's my chalk stream, done with rollers. As you can see it's in portrait view, why? well because streams generally are horizontal in aspect, so being an abstract, I like the thought of having a vertical painting of water. Below the painting is detail of the marbling. Click to enlarge.


  1. Wow, amazing what you can do with a roller. Wonderful!

  2. Thanks OC... it's quite satisfying in a way as have no real control

  3. Love the marbelling and the little mallard. Lovely textural quality and very vibrant colours.

    Fancy a butcher's at my art blog?


    Or, alternatively, a chill out by the ponds at barleycorn...


  4. Thanks WG. Always nice to have feedback, as although I like what I do, one never knows what others make of it.

    I've added a link to your blogs if that's okay, spread the word and so on

  5. Your paintings are wonderful, and even more beautiful when enlarged! I especially love these two! Great colors & texture!

  6. Your pictures and art work is lovely, do you have an outlet in Dorset? I would like to see it if I'm ever round that way. Goosey

  7. Catherine; thanks for the support, very much appreciated

    Goosey: As above thank you for the vote of confidence. At the moment I don't have an outlet in Dorset, but on Sunday 13 July, I'll be in Frome Somerset at the Black Swan Arts and Crafts Car Boot Sale, details later on the blog. Or can be contacted any time in Stlabridge