Sunday, 18 May 2008

The camera never lies...

I'm more of a painter than an artist but art covers a multitude of sins. Those who read my Gardening Blog last week will know I went to Malvern RHS Show last Saturday. While there I photographed Iris "Secret Service" as seen below in all it's splendid glory.

Much as I love the colours and the form of this photograph, painting it would be dull, unless as some Hockney-eske, montage poster... which gave me a thought. What would happen with a little bit of messing about in photo edit software.

Wow now this is the business, I like this "water" effect. I can now see this becoming a painting for me. Breaking up the image like this for me brings to it a whole new dimension and vibrancy. I love it.

And then we can go really mad. This Kaleidoscope effect is very appealing as it brings in to the image, movement. By increasing the effect as much as possible I got a similar effect to one of my roller paintings, Crop Circle which I created in 2007. And when I then used the "water" effect image above in the Kaleidoscope mode, and maximised the manipulation - it became striking!!

Iris above at maximum manipulation, took 10 seconds, Crop Circle below, created with a 6 inch roller on paper, which took blood sweat and tears and a lot longer than 10 seconds!!

And finally in a moment of madness, or should I say, Thelma was watching me messing about and said, why not turn it around and make it into a tree. So here you see it, the World's first Inverted Iris Tree..... Inverted colours, slightly water effected and turned 180 degrees. I think this is just wonderful, so as we say in the North East, "thanks pet for suggesting this"

What a dull World it would be if we all viewed it the same way!!

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