Saturday, 17 May 2008

There's nothing quite like......

........ messing about with a camera.

Weird light today down here in the South West, not quite dull, not quite sunny. Perfect for photography really as it produces flat tones rather than harsh light of full sun. So half an hour in the garden practicing with the macro facility of the new camera. I'm impressed, and haven't even begun to work out what all the functions can do yet. Thought I'd share my first attempts.

Water droplet on Alchemilla mollis (has anyone not tried this type of shot with A mollis?)

Betty next door, keen gardener at 87, but with limited sight saw me messing about and asked if I'd photograph her Iris's. Printed off some A4 versions of the shots for her, but as this one also as it has an ant in it, is "wildlife".

Couple of shots of Buff Tail Bumbler attacking the Aquilegia for pollen. Quite impressed with these as never taken good insect pictures before, as just set up the camera on a tripod and waited, and waited..

...and waited. Which is why these two amorous ladybugs were spotted.


  1. you must be about two weeks ahead of me, garden wise

  2. Bizzarely ST we're about 2 weeks behind normal down here as the cold spring is keeping everything back, and making it glorious in terms of wild flowers and blossom

  3. You must be a month or more ahead of me. Love the photos, cheers me up no end.