Friday, 16 May 2008

New Camera.... old views

Not many wildlife postings recently I'm afraid, as I've dipped out on the Great Reed Warbler and Red Footed Falcon down here this week. Bit too much time spent on the garden blog

But I have just bought a Canon G9 camera and it's blown me away, possibly the 12.1 mg pixels and the 3.5 inch LCD screen makes everything seem sharper than sharp over the 4mg pixel I had. So this weekend plan to play about with the new beast, watch this space.

But in the meantime in homage to the old Canon A520 Powershot. 2 photographs taken back in March, the first one was published this month in the Mendip Times. The second one didn't make it but I like it anyway.

It's been a faithful friend indeed over the last 4 years and all is not lost, as it will still reside in the glove-box of my car for emergencies.


  1. I know what you mean about your cameras. I'm a keen photographer and have several cameras, though I mainly use my little Caplio R6 these days as it's so lightweight for me to pop in my pocket...but I'd never get rid of my 'old' friends..they have been the diary of my whole life :)

    Great photos by the way...both of them...and congrats in getting one published...feather in the old cap :)

  2. Beautiful images, water is such a pretty blue hue, great reflections too! I feel the same way about my old camera's..:D
    Enjoy the weekend!

  3. Thanks Wildlife Gardener and Catherine, old friends can't be abandoned, they just become like comfy slippers, still there when we need them.