Tuesday, 29 April 2008

It must be spring...


Well this morning I was to be found in the studio (sorry Shed) before work. I haven't picked up a brush in over 6 months. I can't explain it really but in the winter I tend to go birdwatching and in the spring, my attention turns to gardening and art. I've often thought it was because of lack of daylight, but I think it's temperature. I'm a cold weather person and love being out when it's harsh. In the summer I become a bit torpid and so maybe that's why my mind creates.

Obviously I don't give up birdwatching completely, but something stirs in me around March (usually the arrival of the first application for a Fair and panic sets in) and the old twitch returns. So this morning spent a bit of time getting my eye in again with watercolour, a medium I love, but struggle with. Not because of the technique, but because I like bold colours, and watercolour struggles to be bold and fresh. I got there last year, lets hope it remains. No photo's yet of today's effort, but two of the studio taken last year, top one is the external view funnily enough, the the other one is the view from inside I have. I love these glass pieces, which are inside, they just inspire me while sitting trying to get up some creative flair.

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