Thursday, 3 April 2008

Tewkesbury Teaser

Yesterday wasn't much of a day for wildlife watching, waiting in for the gas man to change my meter (long running rant by me, as my 9 year old gas meter was being upgraded only because British Gas have outsourced the metering service, and no one will tell me if the old one is being recycled or just landfilled) Anyway it was misty and drizzly so stayed close to home.

But in the evening, headed up the M5 to Tewkesbury in glorious sunshine, typical!! The reason for this was to go and see Feast of Fiddles http://www.feastoffiddles.com/ - fab night, if you're into Folk music with a hint of madness.

But between Dursley and Cheltenham a big raptor floated over the M5. Same size of a Buzzard, but had the profile of....... a Goshawk, nice flap flap glide flight, barred and thick body, flicked back fingers, protruding head and long straight tail. Trouble was at 69.9mph if was hard to have a good look without careering into other traffic. Was it, wasn't it? Bit of a strange place for one in the breeding season, but huge woodland area on the Cotswold Escarpment where it was flying from. I'll never know, I do know however it wasn't a Buzzard; but while listening the lads on the fiddles playing Captain Pugwash theme, followed by Black Night by Deep Purple, I relaxed, took in the music and mused.

And this weeks quiz. Probably breaking some copyright laws here, but one of the birthday cards, was this. So to you birders out there (and non birders), have a go. Can you get 12 out of 12? I got 8, Mate who sent it got 10. Answers next week.

Click on image to enlarge. Don't try and be too celebral. GOOD LUCK


  1. You have my brain all bent out of shape with this one, lol. Great fun. Don't know much about birds really, but managed to get seven. Looking forward to the answers.

  2. Well done OC, will you make the 12? Good to know your bent brain is working well. Indeed, answers on Monday... no cheating at the back there !!

  3. Another interesting posting... hope you've not got too much snow.. we've had some but it's not lying at all.... yet!

    Was out walking along the stream (more like a river at this time of year) today when I came across half of an egg shell and next to it one or two very distinct black and white feathers - I have spotted an avocet on one occasion in this area (not for about 5 mths) - is this likely to be hatching eggs right now? Just wondered if you knew anyting about these birds. I can post a picture of the egg shell...

    Look forward to hearing Miranda

  4. Hi Miranda,

    Thanks for the follow up e-mail. hopefully your mystery is now solved, though sadly as it looks like the Moorhen and eggs have succumbed to a Mink, not resolved as you'd wish. BR