Monday, 14 April 2008

Weekend of sunshine

What an interesting weekend. Forecast was for increasing rain, but down here at least it stayed fair almost continuously. On Saturday mate said how about a birdwatch around Oldbury Power Station up in Gloucestershire. Secretly we'd hoped to see the White Tailed Sea Eagle which had popped into Slimbridge the day before, but it wasn't to be. Grand day out; nothing of huge note, but we did have a fair number of Chiffchaffs singing, a male Blackcap, Shovler, Curlew, Teal, Shelduck and a couple of Swallows.

And this fella. I thought I'd show this as an example of how when using a scope, the direction the scope is pointing makes all the difference. Viewed about 100 feet away through binoculars I initially I thought it was a non-bobbing Common Sandpiper because of the white "shoulder". But when looked at through the scope, it was a Dunlin in breeding plumage. But viewed facing the sun it just shows how the light makes the image dull (plus I was hand holding the camera against mates scope which doesn't help). Why it was on it's own in a muddy lagoon is anyone's guess.

And this is Duncan, my mates cat, who would love to meet this Dunlin one fine day and have a chat about the effects of global warming on the environment!!

After the walk, popped back to collect wife of mate after work (and say hi to Duncan) before the trio of us went to the Anchor Pub at Oldbury for a luncheon pie and a pint. Literally in my case. It's a nice part of the world up there as not really Bristol, not really Cotswolds, but has a quiet charm all of it's own... such as this barn next to the pub. I like painted sheds.

After spending much too long in the Anchor, another brisk walk along the seawall to clear the head was needed. This drew us back to the power station again, but from a different direction. We had to admit looks quite good for a power station. Day was finished with a cup of tea and some Fudge's Cranberry Biscuits dipped in white Belgium chocolate. Scrummy.

Sunday was a gardening day at Chez Border's. Typical!! Mate above phoned me to say he'd had a Whitethroat at Oldbury in the morning... why wasn't it there yesterday??

The Pyracantha is no more. For those of you who are garden bloggers, the shame of my garden weeds prevents my posting any photographs this time. EXCEPT...... nice Chiffchaff which spent 20 minutes faffing about in the Betula, AND last night, a Hedgehog. I knew the Hogs were active as one of them had left a message next to the pond a few days ago. Popped out to switch the pond pump off and there this chap was, bold as brass on the lawn. More about the hogs no doubt in future postings.


  1. Fellow biscuit snaffler15 April 2008 at 11:22

    Wonder what that handsome cat would make of your hedgehog... :)

    Hang on, this is a bird blog! Ann says there is a hen harrier very near her house... x

  2. More to the point, what would the Hen Harrier make of the handsome cat? Any more details of the HH, let me know (away from the blog of course)

  3. Sounds like a good weekend to me, BR, with plenty of sustenance and refreshment to keep out any chills.

    I could have identified the dunlin but would not have known if it was in spring plumage or not. One year our family spent ages trying to identify a flock of birds which we hadn't seen before...turned out they were newly fledged starlings...they looked so different in colour to their parents, that we were foxed. We felt so sheepish when one of the guides at Martin Mere told us of our new 'find'. Made us feel as if we were greenhorns :)

    We had snow at the wknd! But if you would like to join in the Hokey Cokey come along and visit our garden :)

  4. Wonderful picture of the cat. I like the shed as well. Very nice.

  5. WG - we've all done things like that. Once spent half an hour watching a Buzzard, only to find out it was a log. Good day that !!

    OC - Duncan will be pleased to know you like him :-)