Sunday, 27 April 2008

Yellow Wagtail

On a visit today to Springhead Gardens, more detail on the garden blog, a real surprise was a Yellow Wagtail (132) by the mill race. At first I thought it was a Grey Wagtail given the setting, but no, on closer inspection a Yellow, sadly no photo though.

Superb garden surrounded by farmland, so bird life was everywhere. Mallard and Coot chicks already hatched and this fella, guarding his missus on a nest in the lake.

After the gardens we went for a walk along a bridleway. All of a sudden a pair of Wrens set up one heck of a racket, both flew off but the male perched in some ivy not 3 feet away and sang to us. Oh to have the camera ready and primed, as it was a stunning display, the wren face on to us for 20 seconds or so, Mrs BR was most impressed, then it was gone. The bridleway also lifted a fair few Orange Tip butterflies. Cow Parsley, Red Campion and a whole host of other wild flowers are now out.

On way home Little Egret in a field by West Orchard, a couple of Kestrels, and swallows everywhere, including one skimming the Stour at Kings Mill.

Today felt like summer at last, first day I've been out just in short sleeves. Bliss.


  1. Love the photo of the little duckling - reminded me of the ducklings I was watching whilst tractor mowing someone's grass the other day - muscovy ducklings havig a wonderful time in the grass next door!

    I've not had a great deal of time for blogging of late... but have now managed a couple of postings with more on the way!

    No more sightings of predated eggs!

    Have fun - Miranda

  2. Have fun too on your tractor mower.... not that is fun, but watch out for those ducklings !