Thursday, 3 January 2008

Species so far in 2008....48

Everyone seems to be doing it (a record of 103 in a day on the Somerset Ornithological Site), so I have been sorting out the species I've seen this year so far, 48. Also, which was a nice suprise this morning walking into work the daffodils are out at Bristol Cathedral, later than last year. No snow though, so a frosty picture of Herons Green Pool, Chew Valley just before Christmas.

Great Crested Grebe, Chew Lake
Goosander, Chew Lake
Pied Wagtail, Chew Lake
Coot, Chew Lake
Rock Pipit, Cobb Lyme Regis
Grey Wagtail, Compton Martin pond
Mallard, Dyke at Sand Bay
Little Egret, Dyke by Sand Bay
Kingfisher, Ebdon river
Moorhen, Ebdon river
Blackbird, Garden Dorset
Song Thrush, Garden Dorset
Little Grebe, Herons Pool, Chew
Snipe, Herons Pool, Chew
Tufted Duck, Herons Pool, Chew
Black Headed Gull, Herons Pool, Chew
Teal, Herons Pool, Chew
Pochard, Herons Pool, Chew
Lapwing, Herons Pool, Chew
Pheasant, Langford, N Somerset
Herring Gull, Lyme Regis
Robin, Lyme Regis
Mistle Thrush, Orchard, near Congresbury
Stonechat, Sand Bay
Shelduck, Sand Bay
Curlew, Sand Bay
Starling, Sand Bay
Magpie, Sand Bay
Carion Crow, Sand Bay
Kestrel, Sand Bay
Mute Swan, Sand Bay
Dunlin, Sand Bay
Oystercatcher, Sand Bay
Goldcrest, Garden Dorset
Rook, Garden Dorset
Jackdaw, Garden Dorset
House Sparrow, Garden Dorset
Chaffinch, Garden Dorset
Wren, Garden Dorset
Dunnock, Garden Dorset
Collard Dove, Garden Dorset
Wood Pigeon, Garden Dorset
Blue Tit, Garden Dorset
Great Tit, Garden Dorset
Greenfinch, Garden Dorset
Fieldfare, Sturminster Newton
Grey Heron, Sturminster Newton Mill
Carrion Crow, Garden North Somerset

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