Friday, 25 January 2008

Birding on the move - Burns Night (Day)

At last, the rain has stopped, there's a stiff breeze and the countryside is beginning to dry out. The wind has brought Fieldfares back onto the fields around Wick St Lawrence, which is nice given that although still plentiful, winter thrushes have been down in my part of the world, especially Redwing, compared to the last few years.

Nothing much else to report over the last few days except noted a Black Headed Gull in breeding plumage at Backwell LNR (and yes I double checked it was a BHG) and reports of Great White Egret seen from the M5 a week or so back in my area have proved impossible to verify - unfortunately for me work has prevented much birding this week, we're too busy making people redundant at the Beeb.

So a weekend at Wick St Lawrence home is planned, partly need to have a rest from driving, and also to do the RSPB Garden Birdwatch. I haven't been able to search the lanes and footpaths yet this year, or go to Puxton Church, which is managed now for wildlife, so I'll see what's about. For somewhere close to Weston it's suprisingly rural.

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  1. sorry about the dove was looking forward to being a granny