Monday, 7 January 2008

Not much today

Thelma had a doctors appointment today so I was under strict orders not to go birdwatching. No one said the garden was off limits though. Therefore as I sucked on a slice of breakfast toast, a bit of messing about in the garden with a Heath-Robinson digiscope... it's amazing what one can do with a piece of plastic pipe and gaffer tape.... okay I agree, it's NOT amazing !!

Not everyone's favourites, but having Rooks (and Jackdaws) at the birdtable makes my day, I love them and could watch them for hours. Betty next door isn't convinced as she's scared of big birds, so when a dozen perch on the fence after feed, I'm not popular!

The other interesting thing was a Woodpigeon and Jackdaw on the bird table. The pigeon was refusing to give up food and very aggressive towards the Jackdaw, lunging at it constantly, while the Jackdaw clung to the edge. In the end both got fed up and left.

Year total so far is 56....need to get to water, get this up before I go back to work on Thursday, wonder if I can slip down to Portland before Thelma gets up tomorrow....

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