Thursday, 31 January 2008

Collard Dove disaster

It's a bit blustery today. Forecast of course, but a bit of a shock to those of us living in the south. We thought Spring was on it's way !! Sadly though this morning when having breakfast, I noticed the Collard Dove wasn't on the nest. Quick investigation revealed the nest empty and an egg on the ground next to the pond. Was it the wind? A Cat?

Ahh well, maybe they'll try again, after all it is still only January !!

Yesterday Rob gave me a spare copy of the latest Avon Bird Report (2006) which I read last night (reminding me I've not entered in BTO counts from weekend). No new species were added to the County list, but some interesting facts have come to light;

  • Tree Sparrow - only 4 seen as fly overs, and now presumed a non-breeder in the county
  • Cuckoo - rapid decline in numbers from c.100 in 1996 to 8 in 2006
  • From prey remains, the Peregrines in Bath are taking a fair number of woodcock, more than recorded in the field, as a percentage
  • Dunlin numbers are increasing in the Bristol Channel - 1400 in Nov 06 - partly (from my knowledge) due to clean up of the sea, and the ending of mechanical beach cleaning.
  • Raven - rapid increase from 1's and 2's up to 2001, rising to 42 in 2006 (see below)

Given that Tree Sparrows and Corvids are species I'm particularly interested in, mixed feelings today.

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