Sunday, 6 January 2008

Dorset Bramblings

As the weather had turned fair, this morning was an hour or so birding in North Dorset. Recent reports of a fair sized Brambling flock (up to 100) sent me first to Bradbury Rings, between Wimborne and Blandford Forum. And yes I can confirm they're there, the flock flew over my head, then as I followed them, flew back in the opposite direction, repeating this process for half an hour. In the end I just stood there and watched them fly back and forth. And indeed a mixed Brambling and Chaffinch flock. Got some good views with the scope, but as I still haven't managed to set myself up for Digi-scoping, just pretend you can see them here.

Arty shot of Bradbury Rings

The fields around Bradbury rings were full of Fieldfare, mixed Corvids and a handfull of Black Headed Gulls, presumably the rain overnight had pushed worms and so on up to the surface. Also met a birder who said a Hooded Merganser (presumably an escapee) was on the River Stour. So popped along to see if that was there.... it wasn't.

But a very nice place to spend a few moments watching a river, 1 Little Egret, 2 Dabchick, Moorhen, Blackbirds, fair few Mallard/Hybrids and that was about it. So final birdwatch was at Bullbarrow Hill, which threw up a Nuthatch and between 15 and 20 Great Tit feeding on the beech mast, don't think I've ever seen that many before in one place.

A sign of the times :-)

Other hightlights of the morning, Songthrush on wall at Shillingstone, Redwings at Sturminster Newton, oh and yes in the garden, male Blackcap (so that's possibly a pair here) and the Collard Doves are at it...

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