Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Y ho-Silver

What with one thing and another, staying with friends, having parents visit, going to London for work, time is running away with BR and the blog is being neglected. So a short posting to say I'm still here, in mind if not body.

I've mentioned before I love this time of year, it's all about change and colour and for the last 2 weeks, sunshine! Sadly I noticed on Sunday I'd not heard a house martin all day, so they must have finally left my area. A few Swallows around still and though I've not seen one yet an influx of Honey Buzzards into the UK at the moment as they migrate across Europe.

Speaking of migration, below a Silver Y moth, I photographed on a photo frame on Sunday night. The name comes from the inverted Y on the wings. These are interesting, in that they are big migrants. In the spring, what could be the grandparents of this chap, pop over to the UK, breed, die, breed, die and by this time of the year, UK emerging Silver Y's are preparing to fly back to Europe, as they are unable to over-winter here. Which is interesting as firstly why bother coming here in the first place and secondly, how on earth do they get back without any guidance. Nature is very clever, ingenious and never ceases to amaze.

What is also interesting is that down here at least there are scores of Silver Y about at the moment, presumably newly emerged. I mentioned this to Brett at lunch yesterday. As the presenter of World on the Move on Radio 4, funnily enough he said, we're doing an article about this very species tomorrow. So listen in, or listen again.

This is a very bad photo showing the wing beating, while in my hand. When these moths feed, they will vibrate their wings rapidly and this one did it just for me, before being sent packing outside for the evening.

Finally just an arty shot of dew on a spiders web. I must get out soon with the camera and capture the autumn before it's too late. Mind you I'll be at the Malvern Autumn Gardening Show this weekend, so may get some scene setting photos there.


  1. The web looks like strings of beads with the dew on it, lovely. That moth is beautiful.

  2. The Moth looks lovely. so does the web. Enjoy the garden show.

  3. Thanks Oldcrow and Yoke. We should all look at spiders webs more closely I feel. They're delicate, super strong and amazing.