Friday, 5 September 2008

My Room with a View

For reasons not worth going into, I've been awake since 4.30 this morning and had breakfast at Bristol Airport at 6am. So as I write this short blog entry on Friday evening I'm falling a sleep. It's only 7.30pm and so dark and wet out there, it must be December.

As many blogees have already written this week, the weather is miserable, miserable, miserable. I haven't been birding properly for weeks now as the impetus just isn't there to get wet. But I think this weekend I'll force myself out onto the Somerset Levels. Watch this space, certainly some of the autumn migrants are amassing. Lots of juvenile warblers about. Significantly I've not seen a house martin for a few days, which would be a very early departure if they've gone.

So just to cheer us all up, I thought you may like to see sunshine. This is the view from my new office at BBC Bristol. It's great as I have a crows nest view of the comings and goings of BBC staff out of the "back gate" I took it on Wednesday soon after returning from a leaving lunch. Clifton in Bristol is Meeja land and Planet Pizza is almost a BBC canteen. For £3.95 a quarter pizza and salad is a bargain for lunch (not so the £3.49 sausage roll at Bristol Airport - a true airline culinary feast prepared with the finesse I'd expect!!!!!).

But with the bill at Planet Pizza one always gets ...... jelly beans. (Doesn't everyone photo jelly beans?)


  1. You are so funny. Here it is 5:30 in the morning and you have me laughing. Too bad you've been getting such miserable weather. It can't go on forever.....can it!

  2. Jelly beans, Border?

    Mm... I think it's Pandrops here in Scotland :-D

    Yeh... it has been some time since I have managed some bird postings too. I think there must be a rain sensor above my garden that goes off every time I point my camera (still or video) at the birds :-(

  3. Well there are worse places in the world to end up having to work... Clifton's not a bad place - if not totally impossible to park!! I don't expect much has changed since I was last there - visiting my Godson in April!
    Hope the weather cheers up this week... even in France with the sun shining today it feels more like October temperatures... v. odd! Miranda

  4. Thank Oldcrow, Shirl and Miranda. I'm guessing as I'm writing this after the "Big Bang" switch on, we're all okay and can complain some more about the weather - or is the Cern experiment a weather making machine?

    May explain why the sun is shining today !!