Wednesday, 10 September 2008

10.09.08.....Hanna knocks at the window

What a strange title for me to place on the "Blog-Web"

Well it is the 10th day of the 9th Month of the 8th year. Must have some significant meaning!

And as I write this at 11pm on Wednesday, the remains of Tropical Storm "Hanna" has arrived, only showing it's abilities since dusk fell, it's now knocking at my house and giving the windows a good rattling in the night.

I've long found it fascinating that watching a hurricane across the Caribbean on the TV only means that 5 to 6 day later it'll make landfall in the UK as a low pressure system. I've just been in the garden and one could feel the moist heat in the air, even though there's no rain, as the leading edge of this pressure system approached.

Either that or it is a side effect of the Hadron Collider switch on.... it is black out there, and is that a hole passing over??? I don't know about you all, but I'm more intrigued at what happened the moments BEFORE the Big Bang. We know the Big Bang happened, but why did it happen and what caused it to begin......now that's something to research.

Which got me thinking. If this Accellerator does finish off the Human Race, what will survive. My money is on spiders, such as this female Garden spider, Araneus diadematus in the garden this morning. Spiders are the great colonisers of virgin land, able to balloon huge distances by hurling themselves off vegetation and using their silk as an air brake or parachute. Go out on an Autumn day and look across rough grassland. I can guarantee there'll be millions of threads, all made by these remarkable animals.

Sadly the Cern Collider will not produce a Hudsonian Whimbrel at Sand Bay tomorrow. Which was the rarity a colleague of mine saw on the Scilly Isles this week. Mind you he's on a years career break out there, so he should provide a fine tally, by the time he returns.

But then again, just before coming upstairs to write this posting, a Lesser Yellow Underwing, Noctua comes decided to come into the kitchen, flit about the lamp and then land on the wall. So a photo on the blog for all to see before catching it and sending it back outside to battle with Hanna's warm air.

And just in case you're wondering, as the photo above will testify, Border Reiver did not go bird watching at the weekend, deciding to spruce up his lounge as the rain came down. Luckily I decided to stop putting the "Toffee Cream" on the window wall at this point, as next to the "Calvados" or Mocca Brown, it made it look like a 1950's Railway Waiting Room.


  1. Wonderful pictures BR. You're probably right about the spiders surviving that experiment. The earth would probably do quite well without us humans continually destroying it.

    Now, that picture to the left where you say "can you see what this is?" It's not you doing push ups on the grass....is it? lol, lol.

  2. Push - up's Oldcrow, now steady on. That sounds like exercise!