Monday, 29 September 2008

The spider is identified...possibly

Well I stand corrected. The Spider in the posting from Saturday, is actually a species of Steatoda. My informant thinks it could be a Steatoda bipunctata but without seeing it properly, it's hard to be sure.

Doing a bit of hunting through reference sites may point it towards Steatoda nobilis, the False Widow Spider

If anyone can fully ID this spider I'll be grateful, but credit where credit's due to a much better naturalist than I'll ever be. Thanks Brett for putting me right, again!!

I'd also like to point you to Joe's blog, a 14 year old with a lot of passion for wildlife. Have a look at what happening there and maybe leave an encouraging comment.


  1. Hi Border Reiver,

    It can be very hard to identify small species like that spider, so well done.

    Also, thanks a bunch for mentioning me in your blog. It means a lot! It's nice to talk to some new wildlife watchers.

    Thanks, Joe

  2. It's a pleasure Joe, good to encourage the next generation.

  3. I'm not about to comment on spiders as I'm not really a fan....I know I should love all wildlife but eight legs is just silly and Scarey!
    Just to say I treated myself to Stephen Moss's book that you mentioned, and a cracking read it is too, so thanks for that, BW Goosey
    You can go and pester him now for some royalties!!!!

  4. Spiders are lovely Goosey, they are fascinating, but agree a little scary. I'll be posting a kingfisher photo today, not my doing but stunning.

    As for Stephen, good idea....