Friday, 7 August 2009

A shameless plug

Just a quick note today, and for a shameless plug of David Attenborough's Life Stories. Last week we completed the final 5 (out of 20) episodes of these lovely 10 minute pieces on Radio 4. Something has happened in that these little programmes are being seen by both the industry and Sir David himself as a fabulous piece of Radio broadcasting.

So if you can, please tune in to BBC Radio 4 either 8.45 pm on a Friday evening or 8.45am on a Sunday morning, or on line by clicking this link - Life Stories. I'll guarantee you'll not be disappointed if you love the natural world - and by all means, spread the word.

And I'm sure you'll forgive this photo taken last week!!


  1. I am absolutely green with envy that you have met, talked to, worked with and are photographed sitting next to Sir David Attenborough.

    He has been my natural history hero since I was a little girl and it has always been a dream of mine to meet him. Without him I don't think I would have got into conservation and wildlife in such a big way.

    I'm loving the Life Stories programmes - they are little gems. I hope you are going to put them together as a compilation and bring them out on a DVD, as I for one would snap it up!

    For anyone out there who hasn't heard them - WHY HAVEN'T YOU!!!!???