Sunday, 2 August 2009

Rain, Sausages and it's blog-tastic

I can't believe I've only written 2 blogsters in 2 months. Either my life has been so full and exciting I've not had time to do any blogging, or so dull and boring, there was little of note to write (I'll leave you all to come to your own conclusions with that one)

However as can be seen by this fine figure of a gentleman in recumbent position, I'm clinging on to life - only just - whilst waiting for a kettle to boil. Sums up a day at Abbotsbury yesterday then. Slow paced and involving quite a bit of moisture.

Absolute badgers brolly of a day as the boy woke from his slumber. Stair rods of rain lashed the homestead. Discussing with my new and latest squeeze, shall we stay in, get fed up with the rain, and have a row, or shall we go out in the rain down to the coast and I'll do a fry up while you sit in the car and watch this performance from the safety of being behind glass. We did the latter. Well I'm keen to impress a lady with a good day out.

Getting through Dorchester was interesting, does anyone know why there is ALWAYS so much traffic in that town? eventually Abbotsbury in the rain was reached. Nothing for it but a walk along Chisel beach. Who needs the gym eh, just walk a mile there and back along pebbles and it's enough cardie-vascular exercise for life.

Of course being next to the sea, there are waves.

And baby stonechats

And a pair of linnets - a prize if anyone can spot them. Another classic wildlife photo from me then

and ducks....... okay I know they're Canada geese but my warden chum Dave calls all birds "budgies" and somehow in my dim and distant past I used to call all birds "ducks". And if anyone is interested (or made it to this point in this posting still awake) that's St Catherine's Chapel on top of the hill.

Anyhow it was a grand walk in the rain, made much better by the fact that by the time we'd got back to the car, the rain had stopped and lo in the sky was an orb of watery sunshine. Just in time for me to unleash the chef in me!!

But finally. Can anyone explain sea fishermen? We watched in awe as every fisherman arrived, unloaded his car (yes they were all him's) and then walk away with enough kit to equip a small army on manoeuvres. When I fished many moons ago, I had a rod, a bag and a round of sarnies. Today they have tons of equipment..... must mean each fish caught costs about £200. Anyway we watched these fishermen struggling up the beach. Grand end to the day... much better than the telly!


  1. Oh it's so good to have you back and posting Andrew. Sounds like quite a comprehensive day and yes, I found the linnets Lol

    (And I'm sure your lady friend was very impressed with your cooking :) )

  2. Hi Andrew - I wouldn't worry about doing 2 postings this last month - I'm no one to talk - I think that's what often happens in the summer when there's so many other things going on - I find it hard to sit indoors when the sun is out and so much to be getting on with in between our various visitors at the moment! Glad to see you're enjoying the summer - the sausages look delicious - perhaps you could email a few across! Enjoy your Sunday... Miranda

  3. Hi Andrew, A cup of tea al fresco - can't be bad.
    Fishermen do carry a lot of kit these days, don't they - I see them setting up for the night sometimes, with a tent, Hurricane lamp, the lot! Looks quite cosy, but I think it may be an excuse to get away from something / someone for some of them...

  4. You do make me laugh. Aren't you the one, cooking for your lady friend in the rain. So glad you're back.

  5. looks like camping shiver

  6. Bout time.

    The fishermen, collect kit, like most hobbies. but feel the need to justify it, by taking all of it out on a trip.
    Chesil is good for bass, i believe. Now there's a tasty bit of eating.