Thursday, 6 August 2009

A life in the day of............

A day in the life of Mr Andrew.

First thing saw him down at Sand Bay before 7am; the first visit here since the middle of June. And it was glorious. After days and days of rain, it was nice to be up and at the birds of the Bristol Channel before work. Not a bad sunrise either.

I knew it was going to be a good day as I walked down the path, as with little wind I could hear the waves sloshing and crashing onto the marsh.

And as if to lighten the mood even further, the beach is covered by evening primrose, in various sizes and shapes. If you've never watched the flowers of these unfurl in the evening, then please do so, it is remarkable how much energy each flower unleashes as it corkscrews itself open.

Bird wise there was quite a bit going on, 56 (at least) curlew (enlarge the picture if you wish to see some of them by the shoreline), 10 dunlin, a handful of oystercatcher and shelduck, 50+ black headed gull, a smattering of other gulls, 2 kestrel and a very obliging female sparrowhawk which flew towards and past me. Other highlights were a little egret, usual linnet and skylark, pair of stonechats and about 40 swallows, some on the beach. A great start to the day.

And after a day at work, the evening saw me down on the Somerset Levels, and this sunset confirmed the adage, be in the right place at the right time, everything else is simple.


Say hello to Yoshi. We're not related, but he came to see me for lunch yesterday. We had a pannini and Fentemans lemonade. I'm in love with this black lab x collie.... 10 months old and cuter than a kipper on a moped. I need to find someone to look after a doggy while I'm at work... any takers !!


  1. I reckon Yoshi and Lucy (black lab!) would get on great... she's such a monkey and great company.... never argues!! She's also great to take with me when I'm off working too - wouldn't be without her!

  2. Beautiful sunrise and sunset pictures. What a sweet dog.