Monday, 29 December 2008

Quicksilver's Challenge - 3 days to go

Everyone's doing it......

I have to say, what started out as a bit of a thought along the lines of, wonder if anyone is interested in doing this, is proving to be great fun, for me at least. What am I referring to, but the Quicksilver Christmas Challenge, details of the QCC, here.

Thanks to great support by the likes of Boulmer Birder, ST, Snowgoosey and Jane at Urban Extension (links to left) and so on, it seems to be doing the rounds nicely, and comments are showing this is proving popular, or I hope it is. Just remember above anything else, this is for fun. I expect some will be doing a ton+ of species, but even if you saw a Robin in the back garden, let me know. Because what it's hopefully doing is allowing us to meet new people via comments. Mind you, is there a bit of cheating going on in Dorset...... Urban Extension. Individual species Jane!!

So how do you report your sightings? I'll post something on NY Day. If you can leave me a comment saying your report is now on your own blog, between midnight New Years Day and before noon Sunday 4th January I'll then cobble together a list of who's seen what, with links to your own blog and the report of your weeks birding. That way we can all share in all of our reports. I am really looking forward to reading these, as I hope you all are too.

I won't say what number I'm up to now, but a fruitful hour or so at Chew Valley Lake notched up a few more, including this Goldeneye (which bred at Chew this year) and a flying Water Rail, though saying Rails fly is sort of a misnomer, not the most elegant birds in motion. Yesterday apparently at Chew they caught a Firecrest at the ringing station...drat!


  1. Me? Cheat? Never... I was out yesterday at a small DWT reserve called Collyers Brook at Fontmell Magna (Dorset). Had a climb up onto Coombe Bottom and Statan's Square Enclosure (just love these names!). Saw quite a few woodland birds. I'm keeping a list but it won't be very long (I'm hopeless with the water birds so mine are all woodies and farmland birds!). I will drop you a line about the Jackdaw roost. Filmed it the other night (not so many all at once... many turned up late just as I was packing up... typical!) Still amazing sight and sound. Jane

  2. By the way, just wondered if you'd seen the Nordic Jackdaws over at http://thenaturalstone.blogspot.com/2008/12/nordic-jackdaw.html ?? Jane

  3. Got a couple of crackers for my xmas list today. (forgive the pun!) i don't think i'll catch you up though!

  4. Hi there Border :)

    Just popped by to wish you a “HAPPY HOGMANAY” and all the best for 2009!!

    Hope your are having fun with your Christmas Race it’s certainly got lots interested :-D

  5. Hi Jane, thanks for the Nordic link, very interesting. Keep a look out. And all best wishes for 2009

    Warren - oh go on 2pull the other one" - sorry my attempt at a joke too. Looking forward to your record, I've plateau'd now, so will reveal all soon. all the best for 2009 too.

    Shirl, and a grand old Scottish Hootmanay to you too. Not much goes on down here in the wild west. Looking forward to more from you in 2009, always top quality stuff on your blog. All the best.