Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Christmas Card 2008 is....

Well after all of that thought, my Christmas card for 2008, is NOT a painting. Hopeless, I had a wonderful image in my mind, a watercolour of a streetlight at night in a street, lights from a window, you know the sort of thing, all atmospheric and moody. But it just wouldn't come. I love watercolour paintings but I'm not very good at taking my time drawing out the details and then making it come alive. I'm more a slosh it over the place person.

So looking at the frost in the garden at the end of last week, I thought why not take a photo of a plant in the garden and looking at the winter tubs I'd planted a few weeks ago, an idea came instantly to mind.

So photographing frost covered Heather, Cyclamen and leaves on a shrub, I then went into Photoshop to play about. Not quite an original painting, but good fun to let the software manipulate the mundane into something special. I think it is anyway. And here are the results.

Frosted Heather with a 3 way Kaleidoscope

Frosted Cyclamen with a circular distortion

Frosted Leaves with a circular distortion

But in the end one image appealed to me, Frosted Cyclamen with a 5 way kaleidoscope. There was something in how the flower became a star and a star is for Christmas of course. Symbolic as well as unusual.

So here it is, the image used for my Christmas Cards in 2008, Frosted Cyclamen.


  1. liked these thought first two were best,TMC

  2. Thank you TMC, I liked the first 2 as well, but difficult to get looking as good on a card

  3. My favorite is the first picture. Looks like jewels.

  4. Hi Oldcrow, this is interesting, now two comments preferring a different image to the one I chose. Making me think.

  5. The cyclamen is my favourite but I imagine it would look better on a dark coloured card - perhaps too light if mounted on white or pale card?

    But I agree with your choice as being seasonal with the cross.

  6. Ah Andrew… what a great idea :-D

    I followed your recent wildlife posting link here. Sorry, I keep forgetting you have this blog. I've enjoyed my look around. I love to see creative photos like these. I have plans to play around with a particular style too but time well...

    Ah... I can see the love you have for art and wish you well with all your artsy endeavours in 2009! Time permitting I'd like to get my drawing hand back next year. A recent pottering has sparked my interest again. If you would like to see my first attempt at a bird sketch/watercolour you can see it here. It was fun to do :-D

    Oh… sorry, I loved the first image but do agree with your choice – simple always wins out for me :-D

  7. Thank you Tricia and Shirl. It's always wonderful to receive comments, and suggestions, which I hope to take on board. Not much painting in 2008, but 2009 is another story. And I must try and do something with that first picture. Best wishes BR