Wednesday, 3 December 2008

He's a closet blogger you know....

Someone said to me this week, how long have you been blogging.

It almost makes it sound like I'm up to something underhand "oh you know him, he's a closet blogger", shunned by society and keeps it behind closed doors. In those early days I kept my identity secret. Which looking back seems odd, when writing a diary for others to read, but then again we never know who is out there. But it got me thinking, how long have I been a blogger. I had a look yesterday; lo-and-behold, today is my 1st Anniversary.

I thought I'd started this rambling diary in October 2007, but (and of course a sign of getting old), I started it quietly on December 3rd 2007, but then listed the birds seen back to November.

This was the bird which started it all off, a Glossy Ibis which arrived in Somerset last November and stayed for weeks. For some reason I've never posted a photo of this strange and exotic bird, so here is the best of a bad bunch (it was early morning and dull)

I've had great fun over the last year, some successes, more failures and made some fabulous blogging friends. You know who you are, thank you for all the comments. It is a strange old business, we sit and write whatever rubbish comes into our minds, publish it on the web, and if we're lucky some nice comments. I remember the excitement of getting my first comment, someone had read my blog. I never got another comment from that person, so they must have succumbed to boredom...

Wot I rite, on the blog has changed too. It started as a pseudo-wildlife diary for me, but my interests are really the British Countryside, so over time the subject matter changed. Writing a blog also makes a difference to being out and about, I always have a camera with me now, and the smallest event or incident becomes fuel for the blogging fire. And it makes one look at the World around us in a completely different way which in turn makes the World seem different.

Personally the last year has been jolly traumatic and unsettling, but hey, I've got my health, kept my sense of humour (debatable to some) and throughout all of this the blog kept going. Mind you the the art blog has suffered a bit and the gardening blog had to be deleted through lack of time. So lets raise a glass of single malt to the postings of the future.

Speaking of which, on a dark, frosty day in December, I'm posting this picture of Lyme Regis, June 2007 and the rebuilding of the beach, a Jurassic earth mover on the Jurassic Coast - we all need colour in our lives on a day like this.

A huge thank you to all of you have read my ramblings, posted a comment or provided encouragement, it's very much appreciated, has kept me sane, and kept me going throughout the strange year I've had in 2008.... I hope I can keep it going for another 365 days.


  1. Andrew - congratulations on your 1st anniversay.

    It's always interesting to look back over the months of blogging and it's such a great way to keep a diary!! I too started mine last December!

    Also too, comes such variety from fellow birding/wildlife/general topic bloggers; not only in content but different writing styles also. It's a whole new community in Blogland and one which I thoroughly enjoy.

    So thanks Andrew and my your next blogging year be a less traumatic one for you.

  2. Well done on a whole year of blogging...That photo of the Ibis is amazing, and such a good picture too.
    Isn't that cheating to build a sandcastle with an earthmover?
    Keep blogging and I'll keep reading a nd commenting, I really enjoy your stuff, BW Goosey

  3. Thanks Tricia and Goosey, likewise I enjoy your blogs too, a goodly diverse mix. And apologies for this posting, something weird has happened to the font, seems to have a mind of it's own, which I can't alter.

  4. Aal the best Andrew, from him up north...Ahl luck forwad to lo-ids more blergs....

    Keep up the gud work.

  5. Happy 1st Blogaversay Border :-D

    I'm guessing I can call you Andrew now ;-)

    I agree with Tricia, its the mix of people blogging that makes this such a fun pastime! I agree it also acts as a great diary too.

    My 2nd Blogaversay past quietly by last month (daughter unwell) so I guess I will do a review of my second year at the end of this month now - that's if my PC decides to speak to me ever again (using OH's laptop for the moment). I can't beleive this time has passed either.

    Wishing you many more cream teas, spaghetti hoop lunches and some great photo opportunities when you are out and about with your camera!

    Oh yes... and what fun that we share the same foolish birthday too! Ah... but who will have the most candles next year :-D

    All the best!!

  6. Thanks Stewart, I'll dee me best loike te entertain yarsell wiv me patter from doon sooth.

    2 Years Shirl eh.... you're an old hand at this now then?? And yes, I guerentee more alphabettispaghetti fun next year - it certainly caused a ripple, not least for us April fools

  7. 1 year eh! hope there's loads more to come.

  8. Cheers ST, I can guarentee loads more, but will leave you to decide what quality of the quantity is

  9. I love your blog and your sense of humor. Keep up the good work.

  10. I love your blog and your sense of humor. Keep up the good work.

  11. And thanks for all your comments over the year Oldcrow, makes it all worth while