Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Souter Point

Well done to those who knew it was Souter Point in yesterdays posting.

Quick pop down to Sand Bay this morning as it was near high tide, and blimey it was a high tide, no beach left, luckily no wind otherwise it may have been a lot higher. But you want to see the debris. Day off tomorrow so photos from there hopefully. By chance met up with another guy who watches the Bay, he'd counted 11 Stonechat, a water rail, skylark up, and was trying to spot Water Pipit in with Rock Pipits (hope he did) and a Med Gull as the tide flooded the marsh. As it started raining I gave up and came to work.

And finally, having always been absolutely rubbish at keeping lists, my year list at home is 117, and here its 114...so need to do a cross check. I know I've missed off Eider and Knot (as numbers, on the blog), but that still leaves at least 1 missing.

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