Thursday, 20 March 2008

Messing about with the digi-scope

Not too bad a day off yesterday, weather was glorious. Sand Bay at 7am kicked up 123 shelduck and 50 curlew plus a sparrowhawk and 3 singing chiffchaffs, plus loads of magpie and woodpigeon.

With the wind storm force 1 gusting severe gale 2, digi-scoping was difficult. I'm new to digi-scoping so learning that even the slightest breeze makes it tough to get a sharp image as the telescope wobbles in the breeze. So this was the best from the morning, Flat Holme, about 6 miles out to sea from Sand Bay.

Later in the afternoon whilst having a cup of tea, I could see many birds on the garden feeders. So set the scope up in the conservatory and waited. By now the birds had flown, which is typical, so I amused myself with getting to grips with what the digiscope kit could do on my garden flowers. Okay I agree, I could have gone into the garden and taken a photo, but this Celendine, photographed from about 30 feet away on a x60 eyepiece and x 14 camera setting appeals to me. I know what you're thinking..... !!

Then finally, the Goldfinches came back so took about 50 shots of these glorious birds. Because they move about quite a bit many were a bit blurred, but this one captures the little fella.

Original photo uncropped (above) and cropped and re-sized below. Lovely.

Have a good Easter, and for those of you in Northumberland, hope the Crane stays at QE2 park. Amazing birds.


  1. Hi Andrew.
    It's Hayley.
    You have seen loads of Goldfinch's, and you gave me that feeder and i havent seen any yet.

  2. Thanks Oldcrow.

    Hayley-May - they'll come eventually as they are all around you. I'll maybe drop off some fat balls for you and this may encourage other birds into the garden, bringing Goldfinches too