Tuesday, 18 March 2008

The Crows

Do you like Crows?

Those of you who regularly read my rambling blog may know I'm especially fond of Corvids, or Crows if you prefer the common term. Not everyone's cup of tea I grant you with their connection with witches and so on, but I love them. Years ago, and from nowhere a Carrion Crow befriended me. I used to open the door and it would hop in and sit on the table to be fed. Then one day it was gone. Crows are so intelligent and their social cohesion is remarkable. The garden in Dorset regularly gets Rooks and Jackdaws on the bird table, wonderful to watch.

Linked to this, last Sunday on Radio 4 (6.30am...yes I was up then) a lovely Living World programme about the large Rook roost in Norfolk. If anyone's interested, here's the link.


So realising I know very little about their behaviour etc I've decided to do a spot of research. But where to begin? Well kindly a friend Brett Westwood suggested 3 books, all out of print, plus another one I'd already known about which has just been published. I ordered the out of print books last week on the old internet, 2 from America, and one from London, The Crows by Franklin Coombes, which arrived at work today. Tomorrow is a day off so that's my bedtime reading sorted. (Mind you I'm also reading Earth Memories by Llewellyn Powys, wonderful Dorset Essays, in a readable style - just smashing).

Are any of you interested in Crows? if so, here are the other three books Brett suggested and now on order; Can't wait.

Crows of the World - Derek Goodwin - out of print
Ravens in Winter - Bernd Heinrich - out of print
Crow Country - Mark Cocker - newly published in 2007


  1. I absolutely love crows. One of my very favorite birds. Thanks for the information. I can only dream that one can come and sit on my table. They always come to my feeders and they aren't too bothered with me being fairly close. Love em!

  2. i have a pic of a rook feeding on a feeder ment for finches. They are clever birds, have you ever noticed that they leave the road, just nicley to avoid being squashed. They always seem to way things up from there perch.

  3. Hi Oldcrow, I wondered with your blog name whether you were a crow fan. If your table is overshadowed by trees they'll be reluctant to come as they like open spaces and an open flight path. If you can, set up a table in an open area and put some fat/scraps etc out. Fingest crossed.

    Hi ST, we have Rooks and Jackdaws on the birdtable in Dorset all the time, I'll have a go at some photos for the blog over Easter. Look out for the Nordic Jackdaw BB mentions, paler neck feathering than the usual ones.