Tuesday, 9 June 2015

June 9th 2015 - Project month 6

I can't believe that I am 6 months into this year long photographic project. Yet as I type this at 10pm on June 9th I know it is a long way from January the 3rd and 4th when I started this. Then it was wet, cold and blustery. This weekend I took the June images - well to be strictly true I took 14 of the images on Friday June 5th and the remaining 3 images on Monday the 8th. In between this period I drove to and from the north east.

So as I watch a superb summers dusk developing, starling eggshell blue merging with salmon pink, merging with deep yellow and then the blue grey of the Welsh hills as a backdrop, I shall do a retrospective. In this posting I shall cover the first 6 images, one from January and one from June. After all this is meant to be a project illustrating the passing seasons and therefore unless I scroll back and forth its hard to get an idea of how much everything has changed in 6 months. So here goes.......

Image 1 - the Village and church of Wick St Lawrence : In a way not much has changed, other than the vegetation has increased. But in a way that is a village scene. The wheelie bins and post van were in situ when I arrived and as its a rule to photograph what I see on arrival, they remain in the shot.

Image 2 : The field in Wick St Lawrence : Well I can safely say the field is a lot drier now than it was in January, the grass has grown and there is a sheep water tank in the field now. Quite a bit of work has gone on in this field this year, so I'm hoping next time I come here there will be sheep.


Image 3 : The River at the bridge. Big changes here as one would expect. I love seeing this view develop over time. In January I stood on the bridge freezing, yet on Friday it was hot, sunny, two chiffchaff sang in the tree and various insects buzzed me - summer in North Somerset.

Image 4 : Puxton Church. As I'd expect really the church doesn't change, but it looks different. Hot sun backing its ancient stones. The sodden grass of the winter now form to walk on (and dug up by badgers) and of course, shadows.

Image 5 : The road to Banwell : Again I'm not expecting great changes here but they are there. In winter this area felt remote and free of population. Visiting on Friday many cars and cyclists passed by. We think an are remains timeless, when in fact its on a roller coaster of change. Each day different.
Image 6 : The orchard : I should call this Paul's orchard now I know its owners name. Huge changes here. In January this felt neglected, lost in a dark forbidding landscape. In June the sheep have arrived as he said they would and lay contentedly under an apple tree as I arrived. I had to approach carefully otherwise they were in a mood to scamper off - maybe a good thing it was a hot June day, they just wanted to remain in the shade.

That's the first six posted. I'll post another six in a week or so.


  1. Beautiful pictures. I suppose in my minds eye I remember the countryside in summer so it's great to compare the two.

  2. Another great post Andrew and thanks so much for re-posting the January images - you can really see a difference in many of the scenes. As I've said before, its a really brilliant and fascinating project. Look forward to seeing the next six images :)

  3. That is interesting to see the seasonal changes rom the same viewpoint.

  4. Thank you Kev, Caroline and John. I have no idea where the times goes but will add the remaining photos asap, otherwise July will arrive before June has been completed.