Sunday, 28 June 2015

June 28th 2015 - Project month 6 part 2

The weeks are fair skipping over and I am at a rush to post the remaining June images before I photograph the July one's next week. How does time fly so quickly. And so at a gallop and a run, here are the remaining 10 Images from both June and January for comparison. The remaining 7 images can be found on the June 9th posting

Quite a dramatic change to the Strawberry Live feel - cold and wet in January, hot and sunny in June, explaining the numerous cyclists passing by as I took this.

The Thatcher's Cider orchards are just verdant

Hard to believe this is the same view six months apart (although I have pulled back a bit to increase the interest)

By June the barn has disappeared

Such a huge change at Woodspring Priory, it has disappeared behind the trees and the field, well it's almost unrecognisable.

Being at the seaside in January was.....cold!!

I remember taking this image in January it was almost too dark, in June almost too hot.

Cows and sun, can't beat it.

This is the biggest change over the six months. The ploughing up of permanent pasture for maize, as Farmer Green moves towards his beef change over from dairy..shame as this has been pasture for decades, but that's farming, it's a business not a plaything.

The tide was in in June.
Next images to be taken July 4th or 5th

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