Friday, 23 December 2011

Twittering at Christmas

Well as the Winter Solstice has now past, it is time for new beginnings, so I've done just that and joined twitter. Not for personal reasons, but as a work tool. I've resisted for years having a twitter account but we're developing a new radio programme at work and looking to use tweet to get the message out. So I took the plunge. If you'd like to follow me it's @Wessex_Reiver

Speaking of work, we have a very important programme going out tonight at 20.00 hours on Radio 4. It's called Saving Species : Sustaining Life, link to it here...... Sustaining Life.

Finally it's nearly time for the NHU Bird Cup. Every year the fair people at my place of employ, run a bird cup, this year I'm on the committee, but we've handed the reins over to a younger more efficient organiser. This bird cup begins at 00.00 on Christmas Day and runs through to 23.59 on New Years Day. We've got 5 categories this year, Supreme Champion is up for grabs this year, which I'll have a go at but don't expect to win as usually over 100 species are needed to win.

I'll try and update what's happening each day.

Which leaves me wishing you all a Happy Christmas.


  1. I like Twitter... it's surprisingly useful in many ways!

    Merry Christmas

  2. Hello again, Andrew! I agree with Celia. I'm a relative newbie to Twitter (shirlsgw) and find the info found there very interesting. I enjoy passing things on. Don't really do much on the personal side except for the ocassional moan like last night.

    Have fun... its not as scary as you might think... timing is the key if you are wanting to promote your programmes. Lol... I'm no expert at that but if you watch what others do that will give you an idea. I'd say Celia is an expert on Twitter and has fun too :-)

    Enjoy the festive season. All the best for 2012 :-)

  3. Thanks for the link to the Radio 4 programme - I'll listen to it whilst I am wrapping pressies :D!

    Good luck with Twitter (keep thinking of joining myself but never get round to it) and with the NHU Bird Cup.

    Have a wonderful Christmas and best wishes for the New Year.