Thursday, 12 August 2010

Perseid meteor shower

This pencil drawing of mine completed in 2008 of a "henge" has nothing to do with this posting, other than a shameless plug of my artwork and that I shall be looking into the skies tonight.

Tonight is the peak activity period for the Perseid meteor shower something I've not seen before. And as it happens my new camera has just been delivered (so no more Blackberry photos on the blog). If the weather holds, so far it's fine and sunny in the West Country, I may head off after supper and attempt a photo of two.

Ideally I need to be somewhere dark and away from streetlights as I need to look into the northern skies. I may head into Dorset, to my favourite hill, as shown below in another pencil drawing completed by me in 2007 (after being inspired by Gordon Benningfield).

Predictions of 80 meteors an hour are being forecast for tonight, but even if the shower doesn't show it's true spectacle, I'll love being outside at night looking at the stars.

I may even see a moth or two if I take my candle with me as in this 2005 charcoal drawing of mine, the only drawing I've ever regretted selling, but it now languishes somewhere in Somerset hopefully still giving someone pleasure.........

More on the Persid shower here


  1. So pleased to find your new blog. What beautiful atmospheric drawings. Enjoy your evening with the stars.

  2. Thank you for finding me again - I hope I can see some of the meteors, and of course will report back

  3. I love the middle picture of a Dorset hill, beautiful. Is there no end to your talents!

  4. Oh there's always an end to my talents Snowgoosey - ha ha Thank you for the comment, very much appreciated

  5. Hi again Andrew, I love that middle drawing too although I can see why you were sorry to to have sold your candle/moth drawing.

    Oh Stonehenge... would like to see that one day. What a great pity you missed the show there last night. Perhaps you've seen a show tonight/this morning. Hope so :-)

    It's now 01:30 here and I think I'll stop looking for the night. An hour ago we were seeing a few single meteors but since then cloud has moved slowly across the sky. Shame, but still delighted to have seen a few.

    I cannot imagine the spectacle of seeing 60 over an hour... must be brilliant! Hope you see that one August too. Guessing this is the last night for this year.

    Wishing you a good weekend :-D

  6. ooooh I love your drawings, my favourite is Stone Henge, roit noice! Thank you for the kind comments regarding my photos. Cindy

  7. Hi Shirl, thanks for the note (and e-mail away from the blog). it all; went a bit pear shaped so as they say - better luck next time (or next year) !

    Hi Cindy, thank you for your roit noice comment re Stone Henge - the original is nearly 3 feet across so a striking pencil drawing (and hard work). More art work on here soon. Thank you.