Monday, 30 August 2010

36 photos summarising my wonderful weekend....

It's been quite a hectic weekend this Bank Holiday. Not least because I worked on Saturday and Monday. Didn't stop me having fun though. Or.......... taking far far too many photographs. Instead of a wordy blog today, this weekend, I shall let the photos do the talking......

After days of dark, wet and miserable days, Friday evening developed such a glorious sunset over Bristol Channel, I had to photograph it from my bedroom window.

On Saturday I was at Corfe Mullen, just outside Poole in Dorset by 8.30am for their BioBlitz (see previous posting last Friday). It was a great day but by mid afternoon I'd finished work so headed home. En route home was the Stock Gaylard Oak Fair, North Dorset which I last went to in 2008. I love this Fair, and on Saturday I had time to have an hour and a half wandering about in fabulous sunshine before it closed.

Lots of toys to play with..........

................... things to burn !!

Things to buy............

........things to saw

and arty photographs to take......

And piles of wood.............

It's thirsty work wandering about taking photographs so I thought, I know, I'll pop over to the Greyhound pub at Sydling St Nicholas and have a refreshing cider shandy while reading the paper.

Before that though, I had to drive past Cerne Abbas. The light was stunning on the fields, but the only way to replicate it, due to the sun being in the wrong place, was to take this exposure driven photo from the car...and yes it did look like that.

Or if I looked the other way, it looked like this.

Or if I looked towards Cerne Abbas it looked.... well you're getting the picture now!

I did make it to the pub eventually, and quaffed a most welcome cider shandy, read the paper and hoofed it back home.

That was Saturday.

By 9am Sunday I was back in Wiltshire (via Dorset and Somerset) for my day off this weekend. I have to admit I was not the most energetic of people in the morning, absolutely nothing to do with the cider shandy, or bottle of red wine, followed by muesli when I got in. Anyway, we had a quiet morning, which involved doing something interesting with a plum tree. But in the afternoon went for a walk, to Bedwyn Brail.

Bedwyn Brail is adjacent to Great Bedwyn on the Wiltshire/Berkshire border and a walk I'd not done before. Setting off in glorious autumnal sunshine, the much beloved and self hoofed it up a hill.

Or let me rephrase this. We hoofed it half way up the hill until autumnal produce caught our eye........

Anyway we spent so long messing about, the blue skies of our walk were rapidly being overtaken my dark and brooding clouds.

But at least the views were stunning

Before the rain came, and boy did it come.

We tried to shelter under the trees, but eventually made a dash for a gamekeepers hut, where two other walkers were holed up.

But eventually the rains subsided and we continued our walk.

past sweet chestnut

and verdant foliage (just took this because of the composition)

By the time we got back to Great Bedwyn, the sun was out and the wonderful buildings in this village were at their best.

So homeward we drove for a well earned cup of tea, a Jaffa cake or two and a rest. But not for long. Being such a wonderful evening, we decided to go for another walk, this time to Avebury. In all the years I've lived down here I've never visited Avebury. Driven through it, but never stopped.

So we parked at the bottom of the Avenue and walked up it towards the circle

I took some arty photos......

of trees and stones

or stones and shadows

or texture of the rock

or atmospheric skies

or the setting sun through trees

Before walking back down the Avenue as the sun began to set..........

Now that's what I call a fabulous end to a day..........


  1. Nice pictures....The Cerne Abbas moody landscape are the best I think.

  2. At last a few moments to visit one or two blogs before heading to bed - looks as if you've had a fab weekend and I'd agree with Goosey that you're pics of Cerne Abbas (1st one from the car in particular) were the best... take care Miranda

  3. Hi Goosey and Miranda, the Cerne Abbas photo was difficult to take because of the sun being in the "wrong place" - it was worth the faffing about though if you both like the image. i must try and perfect a way of doing this photography into the sun - quite dramatic images are possible.

  4. Sounds like a lovely weekend. I love the Cerne Abbas photos but I think some of the photos of Avebury really capture the atmosphere and mysticism of the stones.

  5. Hi Robin, thank you. Avebury was amazing in the fact that there were quite a few people there visiting the stones, but it felt quiet and peaceful and unmanaged, unlike Stonehenge which even if quiet feels busy and commercialised - sadly

  6. Hi Andrew, it's good to be back and I have just spent an enjoyable 30 minutes or so reading some of the posts which I missed during my enforced absence. Congrats on the new camera, I seem to remember Midmarsh John bought one of those earlier in the year and was very pleased with its performance. You have certainly got some good results and I was impressed with the examples of the zoom you showed with the House Martin nest!

    What a lovely weekend you had, busy but satisfying I suspect. great photos too.

    I enjoyed the information about the wasp also, fascinating stuff!

    I shall put you back on my sidebar :)

  7. This is my first visit to your blog - I will certainly be a regular visitor. I love your photographs! Thanks for commenting on my blog too!

  8. Thank you Sian, hope I can keep you coming back to view my little world.